What is A Little Bit Weird?

A Little Bit Weird is a music distribution platform that lets you exchange your music for word-of-mouth promotion and a better understanding of your audience.

The music industry has changed.

It's never been easier to make music, but it's never been harder to get people to listen.

There are more musicians than ever

Artists are giving away their music

Album sales are at rock bottom

The free model is fundamentally flawed



Who knows?

Giving away your music for free might help you reach more listeners, but without establishing any real way of connecting with them in the future, the transaction is more like a one-night stand than a long-term relationship.

Don't just give away your music, trade it for real fans.

When you sign up for A Little Bit Weird, you get a beautiful, mobile-ready Artist Page where your fans can preview your music and download it for free by becoming a fan and sharing it with their friends.




See how A Little Bit Weird can help you build your fanbase

Meet Nick. He's a folk musician and just launched his first album on A Little Bit Weird.

Now meet Mandy, one of Nick's Facebook friends who has been anxiously awaiting Nick's new album.

Mandy sees Nick’s Facebook post about the new album. She’s really excited, and clicks the link to download it for free through A Little Bit Weird.

To get the album, Mandy completes the three steps on Nick’s Artist Page: she Likes his Facebook page, Shares the download link, and gets the album for free!

Now Mandy will see all of Nick's Facebook updates, and tons of her friends will see the link to download Nick’s album.

Mandy’s good friend George sees Mandy’s post. He loves folk music too, and decides to download Nick’s album. Now all of George’s friends see the post. Starting to get how this works?

Every time someone downloads your album, your music will reach even more people, and you’ll get even more downloads. So start reaching more listeners and sign up for A Little Bit Weird!

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