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How to connect with your fans effectively

Written by Nick on

It doesn’t make sense to give away your music to people without a way to stay in touch with them. A Little Bit Weird lets you exchange your music for Facebook fans and information about them.

Stay Up to Date - With Updates!

When someone Likes you on Facebook, they’ll see your updates in their newsfeed, including your latest news, new music, tour dates, and all of those glamorous selfies! With tons of new music coming out left and right these days, it’s no secret that holding your fans’ attention is key to success.

Know Your Audience

You also get your fans’ email addresses and location information. With this information, you can start a newsletter. On the “Get Fan Data” page, your fans’ locations are represented on a map. This makes it easy to book shows and plan tours based on where your fans are. And since you have your fans’ email addresses organized by location, you can even send out targeted emails to let particular fans know you’re coming to their area!

Facebook Integration

70% of Facebook consumer follow links posted by family and friends

In addition, Facebook makes it very easy for fans to tell you about themselves without having to fill out a form. It’s also quick and easy for information to spread throughout networks within Facebook, such as groups of friends, local music scenes, families, and pretty much any other group you can think of.

And thanks to our Facebook integration, listeners can download your music in only 30 seconds: after logging in with Facebook, they just Like your Facebook page and Share your Artist Page!

Learn more about how you can use Facebook to your advantage in our next post, Amplify Your Reach

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