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Written by Nick on

Naturally, you’re always trying to reach more listeners. At first, these people might just be your family and friends. But in order to continue growing, you’ll have to be able to reach more than just the people you know. You’ll want to find new listeners, and you’ll dream that they’ll someday become super fans. Super fans will buy all your merch and tell all their friends about you. Hell, they’ll love you more than their own mother!


But first you have to reach them!

To help you reach more listeners, we’ve given you the option to add a “Share” step to the download process on your Artist Page. This additional step will require your fans to Share your page on Facebook in order to download your music. With each additional Share, your music shows up in more newsfeeds and is displayed higher up in those newsfeeds. By requiring listeners to Share your download page, you’ll guarantee that many other people on Facebook will see and hear your music.

If you don’t have many fans yet...

then you might want to start by giving away singles to anyone who Likes your page, and hold off on requiring a Share. This way you can build up a large fanbase of listeners who have already completed the “Like” step. So when you release your full album, if you require the “Share’”step, most of your fans will only have to Share to download.

If you already have a lot of fans...

and you’re just trying to get people talking about your new music, then you might consider requiring the “Share” step from the get-go. Try making the free download time-sensitive by only offering 100 or 200 downloads, first-come, first-served! Your most intense fans will jump at the chance to get your music for free, and by the time all 200 downloads are complete, thousands of people will have seen the download link in their newsfeeds. Many of them might even download it themselves!

These are just a few ways to use A Little Bit Weird, and there are sure to be many more that we haven’t thought of yet. Got a good idea? Let us know in the comments, or shoot us a message on the contact page!

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