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It’s important to make your music as easily accessible as possible. This means placing your music where your fans are.

78% of US Facebook users use the mobile Facebook app daily.

This means means that your fans will probably be checking out your A Little Bit Weird Artist Page on their phones.

We spent a lot of time making sure that A Little Bit Weird looks and feels great on all devices. Whether your fans are on the go with their iPhones or if on the couch with a laptop, your page will work exactly the same. No matter where they are, listeners will be able to download your music quickly and easily

responsive design

Because there’s a huge chance that listeners will be on their phones when they see your download link, mobile downloading needs to be very easy. Android users will be able to download your music directly to their phone. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for iPhones and Windows Phones. So, instead, these fans will receive an email with a link to download your music later.

”Free Download” Cards

free download cards

Handing out demos has never been easier. Our artists have had a lot of success with using business cards to promote their Artist Pages. This is an affordable and powerful tool for increasing your reach and getting more downloads: just put your A Little Bit Weird URL and your album art on it, and hand it out to people in the crowd after your shows. Leave them in coffee shops. Give stacks to friends and fans. Tell them that your Artist Page is mobile-friendly, so they can download your album right then and there if they want to. You can even print a photo of yourself on the other side, so people who take the card home will remember who you are when they pull it out of their pockets a few days later!

We’ve even this amazing template for you so you can easily customize and order your own download cards! Download Template Button

We’ve also got a sweet discount for you! Use the link below to get 48% off business cards if you order through We’ve tried a lot of different companies, and we like them the most - their standard card stock is the sturdiest, and they have great customer support.

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