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Back to the drawing board

Written by Nick on

It all started with [a simple experiment gone extremely right], but soon I realized the potential for helping other musicians around the world. So I got a talented team together, and we began redesigning our system as a service for musicians.

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First, we rethought the three step process. Many users of my first prototype were wary of giving away their friend’s email in step 3, and I got a ton of phony email addresses ( We also realized that this wasn’t a very effective promotion tactic: these emails often just sat in the inbox for weeks or months before actually being opened, and even then, only one person would see the message. Instead, we made Step 3 require fans to Share the download link, so that every time someone downloads your album, all their Facebook friends see it.

As more and more fans download and Share the link, Facebook pushes it to the top of the newsfeed, which means that exponentially more people will see the post.

With great power comes great...simplicity!

So now we have a powerful tool. But the internet is full of powerful tools for musicians.

We had to determine what things musicians really needed from our service, what they already had covered by other services, and how to make our system as easy to use as possible.

  • Simple Music Uploading: As musicians ourselves, we thought it was annoying to have to reupload and reorganize and rename your music for yet another service. So we simplified the process! To upload music, you just sign in with SoundCloud and select a pre-existing Playlist. Boom. Done.

  • Simple Page Customization: It’s also annoying to have to fiddle with color schemes and upload perfectly-sized images to make a half decent looking page. So we simplified that too! All you have to do is upload either your album art or some picture with a nice color scheme, and we’ll auto-blur it and make it your background. Beautiful and clean, without distracting from the purpose of the page: your music.

  • Simple Mobile Experience: Let’s face it: everybody’s always on their phone. It’s a huge pain when you visit a site on your phone, only to find that it’s completely different and totally impossible to figure out. Our Artist Pages are mobile-ready from the get-go, and function exactly the same way as the regular site. And for all your fans who aren’t Android users (ie. who can’t download music directly to their phones), they’ll receive an email with a download link.

We worked really hard to ensure that A Little Bit Weird is as simple and useful as possible. And we’ve got plenty more features cooking! If you have any suggestions for future features, feel free to drop us a line at our contact page!.

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